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 "From The Ground Up" Series
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From The Ground Up


From the Ground Up is TV’s only show dedicated to the homebuilding and restoration of airplanes. The show that introduces America to the personal aircraft movement begins its first season with the RV-8. The series covers the building of the aircraft literally from the ground up, starting with a homebuilder working in his garage! This series will help answer all of those questions that every first-time homebuilder will want to know! 

   Click on the Episodes section to read briefs on each one of the videos:
   Episodes 1-3: (Introductory overview; Tail Construction, Riveting; Wings) SOLD OUT!
   Episodes 4-6: (Connecting wings to fuselage; Surface and flaps; Interior) SOLD OUT!
   Episodes 7-9: (Electronics; Firewall Forward; Plumbing and Exhaust) SOLD OUT!
   Episodes 10-13: F13475 (Canopy/Landing Gear; Paint Prep; Inspection; 1st Flight) SOLD OUT!

Episode 1 demystifies the homebuilding process and introduces the RV-8, a project that From the Ground Up will follow for 13 episodes. Expert builder Joe Schumacher offers his inside tips on getting started, while co-host Mark Annick asks the questions every first-time homebuilder will want answered. Follow the pair as they visit a homebuilder working in his garage. Get a feel for space and time constraints, and an appreciation for the process. We'll also take a look at the tools needed as well as the costs involved.

On Episode 2 of From the Ground Up, the tail section of the plane comes together. RV inventor Dick VanGrunsven stops by the hangar to give some quick advice. Co-host Joe Shumacher demonstrates the basic riveting technique we’ll need to know in order to build the majority of this metal aircraft. Mark Annick and Joe assemble and install the rudder, elevator and stabilizers of the tail section.

On Episode 3 of From the Ground Up, we construct the RV-8 wings. Mark Annick gets to the bottom of Bernoulli’s Principle of flight. We learn a unique way to rivet the wing skin together, called bucking. Using one of Joe’s helpful timesaving hints, we attach the wing’s control surfaces.

On Episode 4 of From the Ground Up, our RV-8 earns its wings as co-hosts Mark Annick and Joe Schumacher level and attach the wings to the fuselage. Care and diligence is the key as the all important rear spar is bolted in place- even a fraction of an inch difference can effect flight performance. With the wings firmly bolted, we explore customizing options available to the homebuilder. An off-site visit delves into the restoration side of homebuilding as we talk to TBD about restoring his/her magnificent TBD. We'll learn how an old plane comes back to life while still retaining its historical past.

On Episode 5 of From the Ground Up, Mark Annick climbs into the cockpit and takes control. Co-host Joe Schumacher guides us through the installation of control panels and builds the all-important push-pull tube. By the end of the episode the rudder, elevator, ailerons and flaps will all be in working order.

On Episode 6 of From the Ground Up, hosts Joe and Mark build and install the aircraft’s interior. We weigh the various interior options every builder must consider. Joe demonstrates his interior painting and fabric covering secrets. Mark sits inside cockpit history, when he visits a B-17 restoration.

Episode 7 of From the Ground Up follows the selection process of the radio and other flight instruments while discussing how the homebuilder can let his/her individuality shine during this phase of construction. An instrument panel is made and instruments are installed and then panel is then wired into the cockpit. Special attention is given to the option or hiring an electrician if this project feels too "risky" for a homebuilder.

Episode 8 of From the Ground Up explores the most expensive part of any homebuilt project – the engine. Joe and Mark discuss various engine and propeller options. We visit the facility where we see our project’s engine being assembled from scratch. Then, we take the engine back to the hangar to install it in our RV project.

On Episode 9 of From the Ground Up host Mark Annick visits homebuilder HG Frautschy in his hangar and discuss his historically accurate restoration of a Aeronca Super Chief. When we return to the hangar Joe Schumacher will lead Mark through the plumbing and exhaust systems of the RV8.

From the Ground Up uses Episode 10 to explore canopy and landing gear options for the RV8 and to introduce the viewers to a fiberglassing method of construction. Episode 10 was fraught with challenges as time and construction issues weighed heavily on our hosts deadlines.

On Episode 11, the parts we so carefully put together in previous episodes come off. We disassemble our plane for painting, teach you a trick for painting the stripes and even paint the screws before the plane goes back together.

Inspection time! A DAR (designated airworthiness representative) stops by the hangar to inspect our work. Joe and Mark talk with the representative about inspection guidelines, rules and regulations before we turn our attention to our own project the RV8. We expect some criticism but will we have any major repairs in Episode 12?

Episode 13 and our plane is finished and ready to take to the skies, for the first time. We have literally built this plane from the ground up and those who have watched the series have seen our RV8 slowly come together. On this episode Joe Schumacher will take down the runway for some taxi tests before a first flight is attempted. If all goes well and conditions are right we will be flying our plane for the first time.

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