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Alaska Floatplane Flying: Ketchikan

Alaska offers some of the most challenging flying through one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. Ketchikan, in the southeastern panhandle of Alaska, is the year-round base for a handful of dedicated pilots who operate the legendary deHavilland Beavers and Otters carrying mail, freight and passengers to some of the most remote parts of America's last frontier. This Video/DVD captures some of the awesome beauty, incredible seaplane flying and unique lifestyle found only in this area of Alaska. Includes rare footage of bear and wildlife also. (35 minutes on DVD and VHS Video Tape)

 Alaska Floatplane Flying Video
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Video VHS
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5+ Hours of fantastic seaplane and flying boat footage!

Flying Boats  On Sale!!!

This is the definitive video series of the romance and great history of seaplanes, flying boats and float planes. Relive the golden age of the flying boats and the great Clipper Ships. Now nearly extinct, these seemingly too-big-to-fly wonders called "flying boats", pushed the limits of technology during the first half of our century. Though traditional aircraft ultimately ended their reign, these magnificent creations evoke memories of adventure unmatched by any land plane. Discover how these hybrid seaplanes conquered the oceans, served both sides during WWII and live on today as specialized firefighters. Then learn about exciting new developments that may return them to the forefront of air travel. This is an incredible collection of historic film footage, rare statistics and interviews, along with beautiful cinematography. An unbelievable value! Especially at our new lower price! Get them while you can!  (5 hours and 12 minutes on 3 DVD's.)

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The Boat in the Sky
The ultimate travelling machine - a Grumman Albatross! This antique 30, 000 pound amphibious flying boat was converted by John Proctor into a modern yacht for a 14 month excursion over 12 countries and 35,000 miles! From ice-filled lakes above the Artic Circle to the lagoons of the South Pacific, this video documents this unique journey, allowing you to participate in the adventure of very special aircraft on a very special journey. (60 min.)

Boat In The Sky Video



videos_seahistory.gif (10961 bytes) The History of Seaplanes
Ever wonder who was the first to fly on floats?  This video answers that question and many others, while chronicling the history of floatplane flying.  A must for any "water-minded" pilot enthusiast. (30 min.)

History of Seaplanes Video


videos_secondchance.gif (8916 bytes) Second Chance
Join noted seaplane pilot Norb O'Keefe as he converts a Cessna 180 from wheels to floats.  Experience this remarkable story, from purchase and restoration to conversion and first flight, through Norb's distinctive down-home approach. (60 min. VHS)
Second Chance: Cessna 180 Wheel to Floats Video
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