More Wet, Wild and Wonderful Wedding Pictures!

Swede Gamble, Mary & Steve ready for the rings
with Daniel ( Mary's cousin) and a few of our wedding guests!

An apropos Albatross fly-by during the beach wedding ceremony!

Unexpected visitors... from Virginia City!

Yup! Official Gunfighter's "hired guns" by Dennis to add even more drama to the affair!

They came for "California Steve"... they handcuffed him and threatened to take him away,
but a "lawman" came along, and an ensuing "gunfight" broke out...  it was really exciting!

Opus, our Shi-Tsu, sharing in the festivities... a natural party animal!

Getting ready for the in-flight wedding ceremony aboard the Gitmo...

And we're off in the Chapel in the Sky... the vortexes are very symbolic!

In the air and saying our vows... what a dream come true!

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Wet, Wild and Wonderful

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