Well, it happened! Our unique, wet, wild and wonderful wedding! And it was even more romantic, spectacular and full of surprises, than we could have ever imagined or planned... starting with arrival of the hand made picture from our dear friends Will & Kelly, who commissioned a seaplane pilot in Canada to draw this one-of-a-kind memoir of our wedding day for us! 

Swede Gamble, who officiated our wedding ceremony, quite eloquently compared our marriage to the care and maintenance of an Albatross,“Marriage is similar to the Albatross seaplane; it's an adventure! ...It needs constant attention and care to remain flying, too. Sometimes it needs emergency repairs which take more time and efforts, and that can be trying and difficult. Most of the time, though, it just needs routine maintenance to keep it going! But the rewards for all of the hard work and extra efforts will always bring joy and happiness...” 

Our ceremony was especially blessed by the magic of many people who we had never met before and may never cross paths with again. We wish to thank all of them for sharing in this wondrous experience as we became husband and wife, flying into the air from the surface of Lake Mead with the tremendous roar of Albatross engines vibrating in sync with our exhilarated heartbeats! 

As my new husband said when Dennis set the "Gitmo Ghost" down in the sparkling lake with a splash after our in flight betrothal, "... and may our married life 
have only happy landings!" 

Here's the song that Steve wrote a few weeks before our wedding. 

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