Air-to-Air and Static Aircraft 
Photography and H-D (High Definition) Videography
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Steve Anthony McCaughey

Ph: 707-476-0104

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Looking for professional, fine art photography or videography
of your aircraft or possibly, a maiden flight? Our very 
own tree top flyer and Seaplane Guy, Steve McCaughey, is not only an 
avid pilot and StrangeBirds founder, but he is a gifted
professional photographer with a clear vision. 
His resources include 35mm, large format, digital photography
and H-D videography, Go-Pro and Contour digital cameras,
 so the possibilities of capturing every magic
moment of flight
or on the ground, are endless!

From the Australian Outback with the Great Circle Air Safari and Flying Doctors
to the alligator and snake infested swamps of the Florida Everglades,
Steve McCaughey brings vision, creativity and magic to flight and all of 
its beauty through all forms of motion and still photographic media.

His uncanny ability to capture great moments of flight with his own ingenious
methods of camera set up and rigging, establishes him as the creative,
yet technically detailed "go-to guy" for getting the best footage and coverage possible.

Steve McCaughey Redwoods

Steve honoring the majesty of a Redwood, yet, as always, with camera ready in hand...

Steve Anthony McCaughey
Ph: 707-476-0104


Steve Anthony McCaughey doing a photo shoot in Carson City, Nevada at the
American Warbirds facility owned by Dennis Buehn (standing in front
of his beautifully restored Albatross, the "Gitmo Ghost")

1941 Stearman 
owned by James Knight, Florida
photo by Steve Anthony McCaughey ©1999-2011
Used on Cover of Stearman Magazine

 1941 Stearman & Lighthouse 
photo by Steve Anthony (McCaughey) ©1999-2011


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