The Flying Boat DVD and VHS Videos Series
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(5 hours and 29 minutes on 3 DVD's)

(set of 3 Flying Boats Series DVD's)

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Flying Boats
This is the definitive video series of the romance and great history of seaplanes, flying boats and float planes. Relive the golden age of the flying boats and the great Clipper Ships. Now nearly extinct, these seemingly too-big-to-fly wonders called "flying boats", pushed the limits of technology during the first half of our century. Though traditional aircraft ultimately ended their reign, these magnificent creations evoke memories of adventure unmatched by any land plane. Discover how these hybrid seaplanes conquered the oceans, served both sides during WWII and live on today as specialized firefighters. Then learn about exciting new developments that may return them to the forefront of air travel. This is an incredible collection of historic film footage, rare statistics and interviews, along with beautiful cinematography.

Sections of the Flying Boats Video/DVD:

On the Step
In 1913, aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss became the first to develop the flying boat. From the start, these large seaplanes surpassed land planes in both size and range. By 1920, they had become the first airliners, the first American aircraft to engage in combat and the first to conquer the Atlantic Ocean by air.

The Great Clippers
Learn how Pan American Airways' giant Clipper flying boats established the world's first air service across two oceans and offered passengers the ultimate in modern transportation. Juan Tripp's contribution to history is very well documented with actual footage of the "China Clipper" and much more. To this day, these flying boats depict such romance and nostalgia unmatched by any land plane.

The War Boats
From twin-engine patrol planes to six-engine bombers, flying boats offered versatility and mobility to combatants on both sides of World War II. Without these dependable work horses, the Allied forces might have lost the battle of the Atlantic as well as the Pacific island-hopping campaign. Includes rare footage of the Dornier DOx German Flying Boat.

The Giants
Just when post-war aviation had forsaken the large flying boat, three of the biggest ones ever built would make their debut. Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose" and the British Princess were unfortunately doomed from the start, but the Martin "Mars" is still flying today as a converted water bomber used to fight forest fires.

The End of an Era
By the 1950s, flying boat operations in the United States Navy were in decline. Ironically, Navy planners began developing radical new designs including the jet-powered "Seamaster" and the supersonic "Sea Dart." In the end, however, these water-based aircraft could not compete with the obvious efficiency of traditional land planes.

The Final Frontier
Today, only Japan, Canada and Russia still produce large flying boats and seaplanes. Designed for special utility and military applications, these modern seaplanes have kept up with the advance of  technology. In particular, the jet-powered Russian "Albatross" may lead a new generation of flying boats into the future.

Item #SBVTF5046A & B
DVD, Flying Boat (Albatross) USAF Training for Water Landings

Price: $28.95


This DVD is made from digitally enhanced United States Air Force 1950's Training films for the Grumman Albatross, SA-16/HU-16 which covers all areas of training Titled: TF-5046A Amphibian Aircraft Operations-Sheltered Water & USAF TF-5046B -Open Water [both on 1 DVD] this is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of aviation flying boat history recorded and documented by the US military. Albatross fans and collectors: don't pass this up! There are only a few, so get them while you can!

Item #SBTF5800
DVD, Flying Boat (Albatross) USAF Training for Rescue

Price: $20.95


This DVD also made by the United States Air Force in 1967, demonstrates the rescue survivor training in the Grumman Albatross for military and civilian applications. Titled: USAF TF-5800 RESCUE SURVIVOR RESPONSIBILITIES. It is another historic documentation of flying boat aviation, not to be missed! Only a few of these
Training films for the Grumman Albatross are available!

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