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"Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish" Book 
The Last Crossing of the USSR
by John Proctor

This book covers John Proctor's crossing of the former USSR as the only American since Lindbergh in 1930's to do so while still under Communist rule. It documents the exciting moments he shared with good Russian friend and famous pilot, Viktor Smolin as well as some of the harrowing experiences of being an American flying through Communist Russia! The book has some wonderful full color photos from the trip, as well. 

Soft cover, 6" x 9", color ill.,  300 Pages

SBBVVRF -Book,  Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish
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The Restoration: N-3PB Seaplane from Iceland 
by David J. Bean

Foreword written by John H. Northrop, this book weaves the iterative cycles of restoration from physical to the transcendental based on an actual  World War II airplane (Northrop's  N-3PB), its complete history, use, loss and ultimate rediscovery and restoration by former WWII pilot and Northrop retired manager, David J. Bean. This unique book is filled with historic photos, documents and detailed compilations of the most unique seaplane of its time... 

Softcover, indexed, biblio, 9" X 7", 379 Pages

SBBREST -Book,  The Restoration

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Quotient Club
by Hilary Jay

Since life is often stranger than fiction, this fiction will have you guessing how fictional it really is! Filled with aviation junkies details about the world of "fractional aircraft owndership", it weaves a winding webs of intrigue into mysterious deaths, a sexy newspaper journalist writing about the "rich and their toys" with inferences of Mafia involvement and greedy corporate moguls. Ironically, this was written before the events of the last few years... but it almost has a prophetic outcome!

Soft cover, illustrated, indexed, 239 Pages

SBBQC -Book,  The Quotient Club

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Conventional Gear: Flying a Taildragger
by David Robson

Written in plain language with many clear illustrations to explain the dynamics and techniques, Conventional Gear provides a thorough foundation of knowledge for the pilot seeking a tailwheel endorsement. It presents the combined experience of thousands of flight hours by civilian and military pilots who grew up flying airplanes with conventional gear.

Soft cover, illustrated, indexed, 220 Pages

SBBCONVGR -Book,  Conventional Gear: Flying a Taildragger 
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DHC-3 Otter Flight Manual
de Havilland Technical Manual

This is the authentic deHavilland DHC-3 Otter Flight Operations Manual. Standard equipment for those who operate an Otter, a must have for those preparing to train in a DHC-3 and/or a great addition to the collection appreciate the awesome Otter!

Binder hard cover, illustrated, indexed.
SBBDHC3 -Manual, DHC-3 Otter Flight Manual

SALE! -- now only $50.95!

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